A New Zealand born Realism Artist who specialises in finely detailed brushwork. Nicola’s focus is on translating the beauty she sees in the world onto an eclectic range of media surfaces for others to enjoy.


An easy, enjoyable process and the best way to get an original one off artwork that will meet your needs while saving money. Nicola has created and sold over 200+ commissioned pieces directly to clients locally, nationally and for international collectors.


Nicola specialises in the broad vista landscape scenes, an original oil painting can provide a highly satisfying interpretation of the beauty, spirit and "feel" of a location. If there is a place that has special meaning to you or someone you know, consider having it painted.


An eye-catching and unique creation with wow-factor! Have your favourite one of a kind board art created for home decor. Nicola upcycles boards that she’s sands down, prepares and primes to paint with the highest quality oil to then be mounted or hung.


Highly detailed realism portraits of both humans and animals based on your photographs. Transform special memories into a unique visual experience that captures the essences of a moment in time, a unique personality or loved one. An innovative idea for those 'hard to buy for’!


Think tax savings ! Art leasing is 100% tax deductible. Buying is a capital expense which would have to be depreciated over the years, while leasing can be written off on a monthly basis as part of operating expenses. Leasing instead of buying frees up capital for organisations – and individuals too.



Nicola is an avid participant and supporter of  a broad range of tourism, arts and exhibition events which involve live painting on site. She enjoys sharing her process, mingling with the public and being an artist in residence.

Lighthouse Gallery

Nicola's physical retail exhibition space located in Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia. The gallery has a focus on sharing with the public one-off pieces that are for sale of the region and wider parts of Australia and New Zealand.


meet the artist

Nicola grew up on a high country farm in West Otago in the South Island of New Zealand. A picturesque but very challenging environment from snow blizzards, spring blossoms and lush green hills. This lifestyle undoubtedly moulded her appreciation for the beauty of nature and combined with her creative flair, encapsulates the artist you see today.


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