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The commission process is uncomplicated, enjoyable and the best way to get a one of a kind artwork that will meet your needs while saving money. Nicola has created and sold over 200+ commissioned pieces directly to clients locally, nationally and for international collectors.

  • Commissions are undertaken on a price by negotiation basis. Options for size, format, surface, as well as location, framing and/or shipping are discussed and agreed upon in advance.
  • One of the many benefits of directly dealing with the artist, means you are not paying any additional intermediary gallery costs which is quite a substantial saving!
  • All artworks come with an authenticity certificate for valuation and insurance purposes.
  • A 50% deposit is required prior to commencement and the final balance is payable upon completion of the artwork, which normally coincides with delivery.

Quality one-off masterpieces that last generations

Nicola is extremely dedicated to providing quality artwork's that stand the test of time. She takes great pride in using professional grade brands, reputable handmade products, materials and mediums that have been proven to promote artwork longevity.


Do you have a special place, a home, a holiday property, the location where you were married, the view out your window, or some favourite scene that you would like to see transformed into a painting?

Nicola specialises in broad vista landscape scenes, an original oil painting can provide a highly satisfying interpretation of the beauty, spirit and "feel" of a location. If there is a place that has special meaning to you or someone you know, consider having it painted.
Works can be completed “plein-air" on site, or from photographs. On site paintings can be scheduled at any time of year. Basic travel expenses (mileage and/or air-fare, and for extended stays hotel accommodations and meals) will apply in addition to the price of the commission, to be agreed upon in advance.
Wonderful results can be achieved from photographs. Naturally, the photographs determine the focus. However, even when knowledge of the location is limited to what can be seen in a photo, the landscape painting quickly moves beyond transcription to stylistic artistic response.

Multiple photographs of a particular subject are helpful, and recommended.


Highly detailed portraits of both humans and animals based on your photographs. Transform special memories into a unique visual experience that captures the essence of a moment in time, a unique personality or loved one. An innovative idea for those 'hard to buy for’!

You may want a commission using a variety of photos (eg. people brought together to make one group portrait), Nicola can make those changes for you that you would have liked in your photograph. Full-body or detailed backgrounds on any portrait may require a custom quote.

A good photograph should match the following criteria:

  • High resolution (clarity of detail)
  • Focus on face (the face should cover at least 50% of the photograph) • Soft light (no flash)

Matting and framing would need to be completed by a reputable framer that the client organises or by the artist for an additional cost.

You also receive :

  • 1 complimentary print of your portrait
  • An authenticity certificate for valuation and insurance purposes

SNOWBOARD, surfboard & skateboard ART

An eye-catching and unique creation with wow-factor! Have your favourite one of a kind custom board art created for home decor. Nicola upcycles boards that she sands down, prepares and primes to paint with the highest quality oil to then be mounted or hung.


choose your medium

You can choose from a different range of mediums such as:

  • Langridge Professional Oil Paint (on premium canvas or board)
  • Matisse Acrylic Paint (on premium canvas or board)
  • Charcoal, Graphite and Oil Pastel on Artists’ grade paper

choose your size

Standard ‘ready to hang’ canvas details include:

  • 450 gsm pure duck cotton
  • Triple primed with gesso
  • Double stapled for superior surface tension
  • Premium deep edge (3.5cm) pine stretched bars with gallery bracing
  • Heavy duty ‘D’ hooks with rope fitted for easy hanging
  • Custom canvas sizes can easily be arranged and Belgian Linen is also an option.

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