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Think Tax Savings

Art leasing is 100% tax deductible. Buying is a capital expense which would have to be depreciated over the years, while leasing can be written off on a monthly basis as part of operating expenses. Leasing instead of buying frees up capital for organisations – and individuals, too.

How Art Leasing works

Through Lighthouse Gallery Nicola can offer an arrangement whereby her artwork is leased in cycles, thus allowing you to ensure that your chosen space is continually refreshed and revitalised.

Frequent visitors will feel the added dynamism this adds to the atmosphere, and you will give the impression of always being up-to-date as older works are replaced by modern present day ones. You change the artwork around as you alter the  furnishings of your space, meaning you will always have the art that is right for the appearance of the interior.

Leasing is an excellent option for companies or families who love good artwork and variety, but have a budget to consider. The costs can be factored in as a regular monthly fee, representing far less outlay than would be the case with buying works outright.

If it happens that you fall in love with your leased artwork and do not want to return it at the end of the leasing period, you can extend the lease. Alternatively, purchase is an option, with some of the leasing costs deducted from the price of the work.

Leasing is a solution that has been embraced by many well-known companies and individuals, and Nicola encourages you to consider it as a possibility for yourself and your home or office space.

Nicola can offer a legal leasing contract once you have decided this is the path you wish to pursue.

Home staging

Add unique original artworks that are one of a kind to your home.

Staging a home for sale is a popular activity in the property market. Stunning original artwork can enhance the natural appeal of every room in your home. This service will help you to show your home at its best and create a lasting visual impression on all prospective buyers.

  • One-off installation charge per customer of AU$95*
  • Easy to extend rental period as required
Convenient 6-week Homestaging package *Prices exclude GST
Small - up to 80cmAU$75.00
Medium - to 120cmAU$100.00
Large - to 200cmAU$120.00
Extra Large - 200cm+AU$150.00

Dealing directly with the artist ensures...

  • A personal, friendly, hassle free and prompt service
  • Favourable lease rates and attractive packages
  • Hanging service is provided if needed
  • A free art consultancy service
  • Your freedom to select artworks as desired
  • You can choose from a wide range of sizes and types of paintings available such as New Zealand and Australian Landscapes, Portraiture
  • Can commission the artist to develop a painting that suits your desired specifications.

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