Shining A Light, Dingo Puppy & Andy Meddick MP (AJP)


Shining A Light, Dingo Puppy & Andy Meddick MP (AJP)


TITLE: Shining A Light, Dingo Puppy & Andy Meddick MP (AJP), 2022

DIMENSIONS: 29.7cm (W) x 42cm (H) x 0.5cm (D)

MEDIUM: Langridge Oil on 280gsm Cotton Duck Canvas. Comes displayed in professional Picture Framing Mat Board 16 x 20″, backed & protected by clear cello poly resealable sleeve.

ABOUT: ‘Shining A Light’ is an artwork that opens our eyes to the hidden atrocities in how animals are sometimes treated.

I was granted permission from Andy to share my portrait study of him. I used a traditional ‘Zorn Palette’ to enhance some lovely warm golden tones to give the composition a luminous feel. An MP (Member of Parliament) for the Animal Justice Party in Victoria, Andy is a tireless animal rights advocate with a passion to protect ALL species. A courageous motivator for the cause, he fights hard to ensure laws are put into place so that animals are protected and not exploited or harmed by humans – not an easy job! He leads the way globally in such matters.

Sadly Dingoes are shot, abused and/or suffer slow agonising deaths from being the victims of the lethal 1080 poison that affects many species. Puppies, such as the one in this artwork, have also been known to be purposefully run over by motorists, labeled as wild dogs or a pest which allows them to be killed indiscriminately. The dingo is perfectly evolved for the Australian environment, a valuable part of the ecosystem in which they belong and must be diligently protected otherwise they will become extinct forever. Check out the Animal Justice Party online and see the amazing work they are doing!

This one-off original artwork was painted with high quality Langridge Professional Artists’ Oil (handmade in Melbourne). It is finished with Windsor & Newton Gloss varnish for UV protection and longevity. A collectors authenticity certificate is included for valuation & insurance purposes.

All artwork is copyright © Nicola Mcleay Fine Art. All rights reserved.


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